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How to bet on stock market momentum

January 24, 2017

“The best-performing momentum strategy over the long term, among the couple of hundred strategies I have tracked over the last three decades, is recommended by NoLoad FundX, an advisory service edited by Janet Brown. The key to making momentum work, my analysis of this service’s returns suggests, is measuring momentum over just the right length of time.”

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FundX CEO Janet Brown on Bloomberg TV

June 4, 2018

FundX CEO Janet Brown discussed opportunities in the small cap market and how logic-based behavior plays an important role in investing.

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Global Stocks Rebound as Italian Risk Ebbs

May 29, 2018

FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne discussed the market and volatility.

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FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne on
TD Ameritrade Network: Market on Close

May 23, 2018

FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne talked optimism, resilience in the markets, and investor behavior.

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FundX Chief Investment Strategist Jason Browne on Equities

April 19, 2018

FundX Chief Investment Strategist Jason Browne discussed navigating changing market trends, current markets and tactical investing strategies.

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FundX President Janet Brown on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street

March 27, 2018

FundX President Janet Brown discussed the possible effects of trade wars on the market and reminds investors to stay rational amid market corrections.

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FundX Chief Investment Strategist Jason Browne on CNBC’s Wall Street Wrap

March 15, 2018

FundX Chief Investment Strategist Jason Browne discussed free trade, asset classes, and his view on investing in the tech sector.

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Valuations Didn't Cause the Rout, But They Could Keep It Around

February 13, 2018

FundX CIO Jason Browne discussed market valuations after the recent pullback.

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Tech Bounce Fails to Hold as Jobs Angst Cools U.S. Stock Futures

January 13, 2018

FundX CIO Jason Browne gave his opinion on recent market volatility.

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Dollar’s Drop Weighs on European Stocks

January 12, 2018

FundX CIO Jason Browne gave his take on the bull market.

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Stocks end at records, book weekly gains as earnings season kicks off

January 12, 2018

FundX CIO Jason Browne cautioned investors against emotional investing.

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Passive Index Funds Pushed To Be More Active Voice For ESG

January 11, 2018

FundX President Janet Brown discussed a correlation between higher ESG factors and positive returns.

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It's Love: Stock Investors Mend a 9-Year Rift and Embrace the Bull

January 8, 2018

FundX CIO Jason Browne discussed the stock market.

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10 Best Stock Funds for 2018

December 2017

FundX President Janet Brown listed her ten best no-load stock funds for 2018.

FundX CIO Jason Browne on CNBC

November 24, 2017

FundX CIO Jason Browne discussed his market outlook for the coming year.

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FundX CIO Jason Browne on Nightly Business Report

November 10, 2017

FundX CIO Jason Browne discussed choosing ETFs based on the FundX strategy.

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Bloomberg Markets: Browne on ETFs and Mutual Funds

October 2017

FundX CIO Jason Browne shared what funds are bringing in strong returns.

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Millennials Turn To ETFs To Achieve Investment Objectives

October 2, 2017

"ETFs offer millennial investors the benefits of low-cost, transparency and broad-based exposure," FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne said. "We have been using ETFs for almost 20 years now. They give us a lot of flexibility, including using options strategies to hedge around positions in a mutual fund."

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Socially-Responsible Investing: Earn Better Returns From Good Companies

August 16, 2017

FundX President Janet Brown was one of three experts featured in this Forbes piece on sustainable investing. "Good environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have been linked to good performance, and funds that have done well recently tend to continue doing well in coming months or even year," Janet noted.

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FundX President Janet Brown on CNBC The Closing Bell

August 9, 2017

Janet discussed how you can manage risk and what to do when markets inevitably sell off.

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FundX CIO Jason Browne on CNBC

July 7, 2017

Jason talked about what investors can expect from interest rates on CNBC's Squawk Box

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Investors Beware: Your Shareholder Rights Are At Risk

July 6, 2017

FundX President Janet Brown wrote about your power as an investor and explained why it's at risk.

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You Don't Need To Give Up Performance To Invest In A Sustainable Way

June 4, 2017

FundX President Janet Brown talked to Wallace Forbes about new opportunities in sustainable investing.

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FundX CIO Jason Browne on CNBC Squawk Box

April 19, 2017

“Historically, market trends shift between foreign and domestic markets, including emerging markets. These trends take a little while, and they go in fits and starts, but they tend to last years, not months,” FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne said.

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FundX President Janet Brown on Fox Business

April 6, 2017

“Change brings opportunity for investors,” FundX President Janet Brown said, pointing to changes in market trends and in sustainable investing.

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FundX CIO Jason Browne on CNBC

March 23, 2017

“Even the people calling for a correction are basically saying that any pullback is going to be a buying opportunity,” said FundX CIO Jason Browne.

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FundX President Janet Brown featured on Bloomberg Radio

February 8, 2017

Janet Brown explained that sustainable investing isn’t just environmental on Bloomberg Radio.

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These ETFs could make your 2017 a happy new year

January 1, 2017

“We have seen a rotation from large cap growth to small and midcap value and these rotations tend to persist for years," FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne said.

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4 Outperforming ETFs to Own Right Now

October 19, 2016

FundX CIO Jason Browne looks at what ETFs are doing well in the current market environment.

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Will The Election Affect The Market?

September 26, 2016

Election-year investing tips from FundX President Janet Brown.

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US market has been resilient despite skepticism

August 8, 2016

Valuations could be a hurdle for the market, but there are also a lot of possible ways in which valuations could continue to improve even as the market goes higher, as FundX CIO Jason Browne explains on CNBC's "Street Signs".

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Dow Extends Record Streak as U.S. Stocks Post Weekly Gains

July 15, 2016

"The market is showing us, if nothing else, its resilience," said Jason Browne, chief investment officer of FundX Investment Group in San Francisco.

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Try to stay away from forecasting

June 16, 2016

FundX CIO Jason Browne talks with CNBC about the sector funds that are doing well midway through 2016.

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How To Choose An ETF From Exploding Menu Without Losing Your Sanity

June 3, 2016

FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne shares our three-step ETF selection process.

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3 Tips for Profiting From the High-Dividend ETF Trend

May 16, 2016

FundX President Janet Brown has been capitalizing on major market trends for decades, and she shares her tips with The Street readers.

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6 Best ETF Picks

May 13, 2016

FundX President Janet Brown picks three ETFs that have strong recent returns because these ETFs tend to continue to do well for the next few months or even years.

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Here’s how to spot the mutual fund industry’s crazier ideas

March 21, 2016

“Jason Browne, chief investment officer at FundX Investment Group — which uses funds and ETFs in executing an active-investment strategy, says new thematic issues [ETFs] ‘won’t make the watch list — much less the buy list — for a few years.’ He added: ‘Even if the name of the theme is on track, the implementation runs a high risk of missing the mark.’”

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10 Best Stock Funds for 2016

December 1, 2015

Top fund picker Janet M. Brown says there’s still room for profits for all kinds of investors. We asked her why the outlook remains positive and which no-load stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) look most attractive for 2016.

Portfolio rebalancing sounds boring, but it's a powerful investment strategy

October 21, 2015

Rebalancing lets a portfolio ride out a selloff. It also works because ‘you are selling gains and buying investments that have gone down,’ said Janet Brown, president of FundX Investment Group and editor of the NoLoad FundX newsletter.

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Everything ETF investors need to know to survive the next quarter

September 29, 2015

"’Long-term investors don’t want to put too much weight and emphasis on performance that happened during this or any short, fast correction,’ said Jason Browne, chief investment officer at the FundX Investment Group."

– Marketwatch.com

Look Who’s Beating the Market

June 27, 2014

“Back in 1980, the Hulbert Financial Digest began monitoring investment newsletters...just three have topped the S&P 500's 11.7% annualized return, including dividends. They are the Prudent Speculator, edited by John Buckingham; NoLoad FundX, edited by Janet Brown; and the Value Line Investment Survey, published by investment-research firm Value Line.”

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How to Safely Ease into the Market or Increase Your Stake

September 15, 2014

FundX President Janet Brown shares her four-step approach for getting back in the market.

– BottomLine Personal

Chasing Hot Mutual-Fund Returns

April 26, 2013

"It's an article of faith among many investors that they should only buy mutual funds sporting the best long-term performance. Yet one of the best methods for picking mutual funds ignores the longer term altogether.. .This service—entitled No Load FundX and edited by Janet Brown—has produced an 11% annualized return over those two decades, versus 8.6% for the overall stock market."

– Wall Street Journal

8 Funds that Fly High

March 15, 2013

"Top fund picker Janet M. Brown puts together a portfolio of daring stock funds that are best at seizing today's opportunities."

– BottomLine Personal

Hidden Costs of Schwab's 'Free' ETFs

February 2013

"My concern is that people will get caught up in 'Ooh, look at what I am saving on the commission,' and not see that their costs have gone up or that the fund is not exactly the one they wanted," says Jason Browne, chief investment officer for FundX Investment Group, which uses momentum-driven strategies to trade in and out of both ETFs and traditional funds."

– Marketwatch

New Findings on Fund Fees

August 2012

“FundX Investment Group—the folks behind the newsletter NoLoad FundX—studied 306 diversified stock funds, both U.S. and foreign, over 21.75 years (that’s how many funds survived the entire period). From the cheapest to the costliest funds, there was an even mix of winners and losers. In other words, fees had no correlation with how well—or how poorly—a fund fared.”

– Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Surviving and Thriving without International Funds

June 4, 2012

“Jason Browne, chief investment officer at FundX Investment Group – publishers of the NoLoad FundX newsletter – says he hasn’t held an international fund ‘for a year and a half now, just because there haven’t been any international funds that have been performing anywhere near close to their domestic counterparts.’”

– Marketwatch

The Best Investing Advice? Maybe Not the Conventional Method

October 28, 2011

"The best-performing funds were not necessarily those with the lowest expenses, the ones run by the best-known managers, or the ones focused on any particular strategy."

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New Age Investing (video)

August 10, 2011

In this eight-minute video with Forbes editor Matt Schifrin, Janet Brown explains why we use both funds and ETFs and why we believe near-term performance is more predictive than long-term performance.

– Forbes

2009 Best List: Best Investing Newsletter

December 2009

NoLoad FundX was named the “best investing newsletter” in Kiplinger’s annual “Best List”.

– Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

A Quarter When Mutual Fund Rankings Didn’t Matter

January 24, 2009

“Much research has found that stock funds with the best performance over the trailing 6 to 12 months tend to keep outperforming for up to an additional year.”

– New York Times

Momentum Strategies for Investing in Funds


“One newsletter in particular that has the best record is called NoLoadFundX. It’s a newsletter that applies a remarkably simple strategy.”

– Kiplinger.com

She Only Buys What’s Hot

June 1, 2008

“Brown isn't alone in using a momentum strategy for picking funds. But her record is one of the best.”

– Kipliners Personal Finance

Top Mutual Fund Picks

June 26, 2007


Money Manager Interview

June 11, 2007

– The Wall Street Transcript

Adapt & Prosper

May 30, 2007

– Ticker Magazine

Gaining Momentum

January 7, 2007

– The Wall Street Journal

A Fund Manager's Fund Picks

December 2006

– Marketwatch.com

The Best List: Best Fund Newsletter

November 2006

– Kiplinger's

What Constitutes the Long Term?

August 18, 2006

– Marketwatch.com



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