About NoLoad FundX

Since 1976, NoLoad FundX has helped thousands of investors stay invested in top performing noload funds.

The first issue of NoLoad FundX, April 1976

When NoLoad FundX was first published in April 1976, it was the first of its kind. Comprehensive performance information on noload mutual funds was hard to come by in those days. The first issue of NoLoad FundX published total return data on fewer than 100 funds. The newsletter’s Class 3 category included just 26 funds, only about half of which still exist today.

We’ve experienced tremendous change since that first issue. NoLoad FundX now covers over 1,000 funds and ETFs in each monthly issue and we cover even more funds online.

Instead of offering just performance data, we provide a concrete strategy for adapting to changing markets. Largely at the request of subscribers, we’ve made many improvements to the letter over the years. We added model portfolios starting with the Monthly Upgrader Portfolio in 1998 and then the Monthly Flexible Income Portfolio in 2005. Subscribers can now rank funds and ETFs themselves using our online FundX Interactive database. And we now showing exactly what funds to buy, hold or sell on the back-page FundXpress.

NoLoad FundX 2012

Same Successful Strategy

Although so much has changed since 1976, the strategy we use to select funds remains the same. We still rank funds on their trailing 1, 3, 6, and 12 month returns and we still buy highly ranked funds, hold them as long as they are outperforming their peers and sell them when they drop in the ranks.